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What is included?

The Passive Income Manuscript E-book

6 Self Paced Modules taught by Mr. Anthony Ford himself

Interactive Workbook

Our program is designed to be an unforgettable and transformative experience for Real Estate Agents. Get ready to take earning passive income to a whole new level.  


Module 1

Top 5 Investment Strategies

In this Module I cover the my Fave 5 Real Estate Investment Strategies such as the BRRR Method, I teach about Flipping Houses, Short Term Rentals and much more

Module 2

Private Lending VS. Conventional Lending

As they say-- “All money Ain’t Good Money”, In this Module we will cover the differences of Private Lending versus Conventional Lending and when and how to utilize both.

Module 3

The PCP Formula

This is a formula that I’ve been using for just about 17 yrs..in this Module I teach you my Million Dollar formula and how to use it in any market and in any region—It’s guaranteed to make you lots and lots of additional money on top of the Real Estate commission that you are already making.

Module 4

Steps to Diversify & Compound Your Passive Income

After I teach you how to generate additional money on top of your Real Estate commission, we then take a dive into how to make compound interest off of your additional money. Your Money will Make Money, IN YOUR SLEEP!!!

Module 5

Legacy Building

Every Realtor should be concerned with leaving a Legacy, this Module is all about Legacy building.

Module 6

How To Create An Infinite Banking System

It’s crazy how the Banks make money off of the money that you deposit with them, in this Module I unveil the secret on how to create your own banking system and how you could lend yourself as well as others money on real estate projects and earn interest on top of it all---Be Your Own Bank!!