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Join my Inner circle if your goal is to create MULTIPLE Streams of Passive Income. I’m dedicated to coming up with several new and innovative ways for my inner circle to create Passive Income.


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Benefits of Joining the Winner's Circle:

  • Monthly Zooms: Each Member will be able to participate in a monthly zoom call with Me as I reveal new ways to generate Passive Income 
  • Education:  Learn all about Real Estate Wholesaling, How to Invest in Multi-family Dwellings, How to Write up Real Estate Contracts, etc.
  • Exclusive Tools, Tips & Insight: Each Member will receive the necessary tools, tips, guidance and resources to automate their Passive Income Stream(s)
  • Ongoing Education on Hot Topics: Member will receive continued Education on the Hot Topics and Trending Topics that relate and directly affects the Passive Income world.
  • Exclusive Real Estate Investment Opportunities: Member will have the opportunity to take part in exclusive Real Estate Acquisitions, closed to the General Public, which will generate Passive Income 
  • Q&A Sessions w/A. Ford: Zoom Meeting will contain a Q&A Session so that Members could get their personal questions answered by Me personally.
  • Industry Leaders: we will have Guest Millionaire & Billionaire Speakers to speak to our Members about methods to gain Passive Income.
  • Lifetime Discount: Each inner circle member will receive discounts on Conferences, Resources, Merch and any other resource that we have.
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